About Us

About Us

Our mission is to improve lives through our passion for giving, culture of thoughtfulness and an unequivocal commitment to quality. 

Whether it’s the collective, our products, or an opportunity for giving, people are at the core of all that we do.

Our Model

Core Items– We have new items every couple of weeks in limited quantities that are available for immediate shipment (delivered in 2-5 business days). A significant portion of the profits from all of these items go directly to the Collective Fund.

Crowdfunded Items

In a joint effort with a variety of collaborators, organizations and causes we release new and unique styles that directly go to support a cause near and dear to the hearts of the collective. Here are just a few of the additional benefits of the crowdfund model: 

  1. 100% Supply & Demand Match- since we only make what is ordered, we are able to maximize our crowdfunding efforts and reduce overhead by up to 30%!  


  1. Significantly Minimizes Waste- with little to no extra fabric needed for inventory, we only get what we need and use what we get! 


  1. Maximizes Collective Support- taking pre-orders means we are able to gain as much support as we can by 

These items will have a lead time of 2-8 weeks depending on the style- trust us, the wait will be well worth it!